First I will listen to your goals, your lifestyle, food preferences and any other information I need to make a meal plan that is best suited for you. 

Next, I will put you on my InBody230 machine to get your weight, body fat, total lean mass, total body fat mass, and total body water. I take all these measures to get a very good idea of where your body is at the start of the transformation. Also, with this data I create the ideal calories, protein, carbs and fat for your unique body. Next, we will sit down and collaboratively make a meal plan. Then we will discuss the optimal exercise plan for your goals.


Meal Planning

After several trial and errors years ago, I finally realized that the main priority was to make the meal plan flexible, sustainable, and realistic. Instead of just making a meal plan and handing it to you, we sit down together and incorporate foods that you KNOW you will eat and enjoy. 

I am strongly against the complete elimination of food groups, because it is just a set up for failure in the long-term. Yes, you can eat carbs! The way I do meal plan is called "flexible dieting.” Flexible dieting is basically based on the idea that no food is “good” or “bad” and that any food can be incorporated into a healthy diet as long as the total calories and macronutrients reflect the ideal amounts that you should have in a day for your goal. The meal plan will have exact foods and ounces to fill up these allotments, however, we will go over and write down substitutions that can be made so that you won’t feel restricted or deprived.

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work out plan

Effective: As a Certified Master Trainer, I tried and tested these routines on hundreds of people to provide you the most efficient and effective video-based workouts for weight loss and muscle toning.

Simple: No more confusion on how to start exercising for your fitness level. Each workout is given a difficulty level so you can start where you feel comfortable and advance at a safe and effective pace.

Convenient: No gym memberships. No more wasted time and effort. Get a great workout in just 25 minutes and be on with your day. All you need is a set of dumbbells and some floor space.


Follow ups & COmmunication

We will have weekly follow-ups to re-measure all those biometric markers (weight, body fat, etc.) Again, to make sure the plan is working. At these follow-ups, we will also discuss and change any part of the meal plan or work out plan that starts to get old, or that you didn't like very much. Typically, people like to change lunch and dinner often. Best of all, as your weight changes, I will constantly be changing your calories and macros to keep you moving forward and avoid weight loss plateaus.

Over the course over your program, I am available through email if you ever have any questions. If you eat out and not sure what to eat, I will look at the menu at the restaurant and point you in the right direction. Or maybe you have questions about alcohol - which I get a lot 😊.  I will tell you what to avoid when drinking. I am here for you, with you, through every part of your transformation journey.


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