mica, 40lbs lost

" Hi my name is Mica. When I first started working with Victor, I was unhappy with the way I looked and felt. My confidence was low and I didnt feel comfortable in tight clothes. Now after several months I have hit and maintained my weight loss goals. My strength has increased dramatically and I now feel comfortable even in a tight dress!

My First ever 15k Hot Chocolate race (approx 9 miles)was in March 2017. I set the goal of just showing up and making it to the finish line. However, because of the strength and endurance I gained working with Victor, I finished with a much better average pace than I thought I was capable of, and, my next goal is a half marathon. This picture represents the full mind/body improvement I've accomplished because of my work with Victor and Ramos Nutrition."

jorge, 30lbs lost

"That extra push I needed- I have been working out since 2001. Like many gym goers, I would show up and go through the motions. I would see some results and that made me content. But the entire time I failed to truly grasp how important nutrition was for me to TRULY see results. That is when I contacted Victor Ramos from Ramos Nutrition.

Everything you hear and see makes it seem like you have to eat bland foods and tiny portions, but Victor quickly erased this misconception. I was truly shocked to see the menu that was created for me and its endless options. I wasn’t eating much less than what I used to, I was just eating healthier with slightly smaller portions. I have followed the menu almost religiously and have seen my weight go down 30 pounds and my body fat drop nearly 8 percent. I really have Victor to thank for that. I now look better than I ever have. My 32 year old self has put my 18 year old self to shame. THANKS Victor."

Mary beth, 30lbs lost

Before starting with Victor, I was overweight, unhappy and very unhealthy. I had been focusing all of my energy and time on being the mother of two teenage boys, and also running and building a very successful business. I was not taking time for myself at all, and found myself 40 pounds overweight. I knew then that I needed help and motivation in order to make a serious change in my life. I recognized that I had too much going on and wanted support and guidance from professionals. This is when I contacted the Victor and started his meal plans and exercise Videos.

Victor this has helped me incorporate a sustainable and fun exercise routine into my life. He has also helped me develop a meal plan that works for my lifestyle whether at home, or traveling for business. I have lost 30 pounds and feel happier and younger than ever at age 40! I look forward to continuing this lifestyle for years to come. What I love most about the program is the flexibility it brings. I have learned that in order to be healthy and strong and keep the weight off, consistency is key. It helps me keep my fitness and meal planning consistent but also allows for flexibility in my busy schedule.

darren, 20lbs lost

"I was three months way form my wedding and I really needed a strict diet becauseI was over weight and needed to look great on my wedding day. Victor wrote my meal plans and in weeks with intense workouts I was getting results. My energy levels increased with a correct diet and my body was getting what it needed. by the time of my wedding I was in great shape and looked awesome for my honey moon."

pauline, 20lbs lost

Hi, my name is Pauline, at the beginning of this journey I was not super happy with how I looked physically or felt. I was tired and sluggish and suffered from low back pain. Because I was self-conscious of the way I looked, I typically would wear loose fit clothing and avoided photos unless I was sitting or standing in the back behind a group of people. Wanting to make this life style change is for me, but also my family. I want to be able to run around and keep up with my 7 year old that is extremely active and loves to play soccer and football. 

At the end of Week 5 I have continued to hit my weight goals. Wow, I can hardly believe it! I have been able to eat the foods that I love and exercising has been fun. My clothes are fitting better and my lower back is not always in pain. I have more energy and I am not sluggish and tired throughout the day. The meals that I cook now are healthy, incorporating more veggies, lean protein, and healthy carbs and sugars. I do not feel like I am staving myself, which is great. I pretty much eat the foods that I like and I still am able to have my short soy vanilla latte every day. I do less sitting and watching TV and spend more time cooking, which is something I thought I would never say I would love. So far, it has been fun cooking as the meals are not complicated and are quite easy to prepare.”

clint, 15lbs lost

“After just 12 weeks working with Victor, I lost 15 pounds and went from 20% body fat to 12.5%!” I feel better and more confident than I ever have. Thank you Victor!”

susan, 25lbs Lost

"Since I have been seeing Victor I have lost a total of 25 pounds and have been under 200 lbs. for the first time in 20 years! Besides the weight loss, I feel way more energized and much younger than I have felt in years. There were several reasons why I knew it was time to make a change before I began seeing Victor. The most troubling was that I had persistent knee pain that an orthopedic surgeon told me that I would eventually need to get surgery for. As much as I didn’t want to believe it, I knew that my weight was a huge factor. I also was tired of seeing pictures of me because I didn’t recognize myself in them and I felt they weren’t who I really was. I also hated trying clothes on and felt that the larger the clothes I had to buy, the more they didn’t fit right and didn’t feel right. Once I started getting meal plans from Victor and checking in weekly, I started noticing a difference right away. My knee pain is completely gone and now I look forward to buying new clothes, especially since I have moved out of the plus size section in the women’s department for the first time in 20 years! I think what has worked so well is that he tailors the meals to fit into my lifestyle and I can eat foods that I would normally like to eat. I never thought I could lose weight being able to eat things that I actually look forward to eating like breakfast sandwiches and tacos. And I never feel hungry because I am always eating throughout the day. I also have liked the accountability of checking in with him and knowing that I have his guidance if I have any questions. It has been an amazing journey so far and I am looking forward to losing more in the months ahead. I know now that the way I have learned to eat will last a lifetime because it is realistic.  Thank you Victor!" 

John Hood transformation.jpg

John, 25lbs Lost

"It's been 8 weeks now since I've been seeing Victor and have lost a total of 25 pounds. 2 months ago I had joint pain, back pain, low energy and knew that I had to make a change. Now, I not only have zero joint pain and back pain, but I also have a lot more energy. Since I get up really early for work and dont get home until evening I don't have much time to think about my meals. Victor has helped me fit in the foods I love easily into my busy day and am always feeling full. My clothes are looser and I am no longer out of breath when I am doing physical activity. I also have noticed I have much better balance and have no trouble anymore keeping up with my grandson! Thank you Victor"


"Who knew I could eat WHATEVER I WANT and lose weight?! When I saw the picture on the left, I thought “Hmmm…I’m looking a little full these days.” So I joined an intense boot camp gym – I did this for a year (3-4 times a week) and I didn’t see huge results in terms of weight loss. My cardiovascular and strength had definitely improved though! However, I still couldn’t wear my favorite jacket without a big scarf to cover the unbuttoned top button. My brother mentioned he was seeing Victor…for weight gain (*eye roll*) and was seeing results. So I called Vic and got on a plan. Turns out I was I already eating relatively healthy, but I was eating TOO MUCH (my portions were too big) and I wasn’t eating enough protein - ok, I did have to cut back on wine…dramatically. The best part was, I told Victor what I wanted to eat and he adjusted the portions accordingly. I wanted to test this, so without working out ONCE the first three weeks, I lost 6lbs! Victor also checked in with me throughout the week and if I had a work event at a restaurant, he helped me pick something good from the menu. He was a personal trainer, so he also gave me a workout schedule – one stop shop! Unlike other programs where someone sends you weekly pre-made meals, I was responsible for prepping my own meals and learning how to portion out my food (while learning the science behind it). This is a winning combination because now I have the tools and knowledge to continue this for the rest of my life! This was the first time IN MY LIFE I lost weight during the holidays, instead of gaining. Btw...I don’t have to wear the big scarf anymore! Worth every penny - Thank you Victor!!"


"The whole plan is great because I can still eat the things I love. I feel like I am actually eating more than I did before the meal plan, but I'm losing weight every week. I am below 200 pounds for the first time in 8 years! Thanks Victor!"

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